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Something in contact lenses holder. 1. 2. Lumini_317 • 5 days ago. Went on a camping trip where I had no sanitary place to remove/apply contacts for 3 days and kept them in 3 nights as well.
1. Solotica Hidrocor Jade - Earning the top for the bestselling green color contact lens is Hidrocor Jade from the world’s most natural colored contact lens brand from Brazil, Solotica! This green colored contact lens is inspired by the precious stone Jade that looks earthy and natural on any eye color, particularly on dark brown eyes.
1. Ellajohanason • 4 days ago. why did my contacts turn RED? I live in fl but was never told to boil my water or anything? Just got out the shower with my contacts (don’t worry I try to always take them out before) and they’re this amber/reddish hue? WTF.
13. 62. 62 comments. Top. Growing up as a teen in the early 2000's in an all girls school in North London where we were 90% POC it was super popular for people to try and look as ethnically